(Ep. 1) Dating: In General and Interracial

So today’s topic is about dating, both from a general and interracial standpoint. Dating can be lots of fun. However, it can also be a learning experience! It gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself as well as the person you are dating. The advice given in this podcast doesn’t necessarily only apply to couples that are dating, but can be useful to engaged and married couples too! There are several important elements in a relationship including getting to know one another, expectations, communication, autonomy, and much, much more! I hope you take something with you from this podcast that will be beneficial to you and yours! Enjoy:-)

Disclaimer: Some of the things that I mention are from my own personal experiences with dating and are in no way intended to offend anyone. I’m simply stating things that I’ve gone through.

2 thoughts on “(Ep. 1) Dating: In General and Interracial”

  1. What a wonderful job, such a great job!!! I agree some people expectations are too high in life when their mess is not together!

    1. Aww, thank you so much!!! Yeah, sometimes we just have to sit and reevaluate ourselves before we look at someone else’s situation.

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