(Ep. 10) H&M Epic Fail Advertisement

Hello Beautiful People,

So while scrolling down Instagram earlier today, I stumbled upon an advertisement that I found quite appalling. In it was this adorable child (who happened to be black) clad in a green hoodie. The words on the front of this green hoodie read “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle”.

Many people have their own opinions in regards to the ad, which is fine. We are all entitled to think on our own and have opinions. I totally get that! However, I have to agree to disagree on this one with individuals that refuse to acknowledge that the ad was, well……. Racist!

I remember the very first time I realized how hateful the internet can be. I was looking on some magazine website back in the year of 2006. Apparently their subscribers (men) had voted Beyonce as the #1 most beautiful woman or something along those lines. However, the thing that I remember most about that was looking at the comments. Someone had referred to her as a monkey. I was disgusted, but more so shocked. This was the first time I had witnessed internet trolling and definitely the first time I had even heard of anyone comparing Beyonce to a monkey.

The point I’m trying to make is that unfortunately for some reason black people have been referred to as monkeys for a very, very long time. More recently, most of you may recall a black actress by the name of Leslie Jones. She was one of the leading ladies in the Ghostbusters movie which was released in 2016. Despite putting on a hilarious performance, she found herself being attacked by racist internet trolls who were referring to her as a monkey among other degrading terms. In result, she ended up taking a break from social media. Oh and let’s not forget about how a House Representative sent an email with a photo of a monkey in reference to Michelle Obama when Barack was in office. These are only a few examples. I could go on for days…

I, unfortunately have heard people refer to blacks as monkeys when they thought I couldn’t hear them…. Or maybe they wanted me to hear… Either way, it’s hurtful, mean, and very much so racist.

I also want to know why in the hell did this child’s parents allow, accept, and approve of such a tacky and distasteful stunt.

In this podcast, I did use the term “people like you”. Before anyone gets all upset, I want to address that when I said that, I was referring to ignorant individuals that prefer to sweep issues like this under the rug rather than have an open dialogue. Glad that’s clarified (wipes brow)!  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and maybe even learn something from this episode.

Peace and much love,



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